Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Blog Entry

Hello everyone! (or anyone that happened to stumble upon this site somehow)

I am on a mission to start a website dedicated to the Xootr Ex3, the electric version of the popular xootr, which is no longer manufactured since Nova Cruz Products pretty much went out of business a few years ago, and were bought out by Xootr LLC. , I Don't know the specifics of what actually happened, so maybe some of you could tell the rest of us some info.

Anyways, I want this web site to be the one stop resource were you could find everything Ex3 related, whether that be tips/tricks, guides, and yes even where you could buy replacement parts for your beloved Xootr Ex3, and hopefully keep your Xootr Ex3 running for as long as possible.


sassafras said...

Nova Cruz starting making electric bikes and the batteries were not so great, well at least not what they are today. Same thing goes for the EX3. Unfortunately the battery design itself was poor, replacing the whole battery unit instead of individual cells. I could have been easily solved. In concept separating the idea of the batteries from the bikes and scooters, similar to cars and gasoline so it really isn't a stretch. A lease on the batteries instead of buying them outright. But oh well. Everybody had battery problems on the bikes and scooters. And Nove did what they through was the right thing and replace them, but without changing the busienss model. And on the 1000 USD electric scooter, 400 of that was batteries. It didn't take long before it all went under. And we lost the best little piece of technology that could have revolutionized urban transit. I kept mine alive for a long time, but it was really still an R&D/beta project. With a lot of flaws (ALL of which could be easily solved with some time and money). Had they survived they would be everywhere now. And i've yet too see a comparable scooter on the market. People did try to buy the patents, but nova wouldn't (or couldn't) let it go... and so now... nothing. it's certainly time for this technology. now more than ever.

Ninjajohn said...

Hi all,

Just to say that that I live in England and have owned a Xootr Ex3 since about 2001. I am just in the process of havng a battery pack made up from 4600 mah sub-c nimh cells. This is the first time in nearly 8 years that i have finally found a suitable company in England to build my battery for me. My Ex3 has been laid up all those years and finally I hope to be buzzing around on it within this month..wa hay!!

Will let you know how it all goes shortly.

Cheers all.

neilTea said...

Hi there, I'm Neil and have grown very fond of the xootr ex3, only problem is I don't have one! If there is anybody you may know of (or you yourself) that is selling their ex3, please count me in as your buyer. It would be perfect for my daily commuting needs as I really hate relying on disgusting, giant, petrol machines to get me to where I need to be. Ex3 would be just perfect for me!!
My contact - or
would love to hear from you, thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

I have a ex3 - Very sad the replacement batteries have died :-(

John, how much are your batteries costing?


Anonymous said...


I took my battery pack to a battery repair shop. It cost $129.29 out the door to create a new battery pack. I just brought in the old one and they said they can create a new one. So they did.

waterboy said...

Hello, and thank you for creating this website. I have just discovered the ex3 about 2 months ago and started looking for one only to read that they are discontinued. Now, I would like to purchase a used one in the U.S. if possible. I live in fabulous Los Angeles where I'd be the talk of the town riding around on one of these awesome machines. If anyone is looking to sell, hot me up @

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the "thing, thermistor" that is connected to the battery. It's looped with a blue wire thats solder to the negative pole of the battery array.

Anonymous said...

I have Xootr eX3 scooters for sale. Purchased in 2001. Kids used theme for a few years then were stored until now. Both had two battery packs each. I have replaced ONE battery pack in each. Both scooters work find. They are still wicked fast. Each will come with a charger and copy of owners manual and receipt for new batteries. Scooters are USED but are still cosmetically attractive. Wheels are at 85% wear. Note that each has SOME road rash. If interested please email me at

Greg Anderson
Add posted 8/9/18