Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How I found the ex3

I thought I should tell you how I found the xootr ex3. I believe it was sometime in 2000, I was in San Francisco with some friends, and we were looking for something to do, so we decided to rent some electric scooters down by fisherman's wharf. I don't know if the place is still there, but the place we rented the scooters was called blazing saddles, they were mostly a place were tourists could rent bikes to bike around San Fran, but they also had a fleet of Zappy Scooters. We rented some, and we had a blast! We rode around for a few hours all around downtown San Francisco. We ended up doing this again a few weeks later, I was hooked.

A couple of years later, I think it was 2003, I was having some car issues, since I had purchased a 1969 bmw 2002, and of course being an older car, was constantly having issues, which meant I had to walk a lot :) . I decided to find an alternative mode of transportation. I didn't want to spend a ton of money, needed something for my very short commute to work (about 1 mile) , and most importantly wanted it to be fun. I decided to get an electric scooter, I started doing some research on what kind to get, and at the time their weren't as many options as there are today, I decided to either go with a Zappy scooter, or something similar, then I stumbled upon the xootr ex3, I was instantly in love! I Don't remember if Nova Cruz had gone out of business yet, but you could still buy them new from various places, including xootr's website.

I decided to take my chances on finding a used one on craigslist or ebay, and after about 2 months of constantly checking craigslist and ebay, I ran across a craigslist posting for a xootr ex3, in great condition, for $250 ! I called the guy right away, and the next day I took the trip (on Bart) from Concord to Daly city. I met the guy at the bart station, he was living out of his camper that he had on his pickup, he let me take it for a spin (my first ride on a xootr ex3) , and was knew I could not leave without it! I was the proud new owner of a xootr EX3.


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