Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sorry haven't posted in a while

I'm getting married on October 11th 2008 to my beautiful girlfriend (now Fiance) of 7 years, Christa Compomizzo. We've been pretty busy getting ready for the wedding, and moved in together a couple of months ago, so there's been alot going on in my life to say the least.

Also a new thing that comes with marriage, is not being able to buy as many gadgets and toys as when you're a bachelor, so I've also had to put the rebuilding of my xootr on hold for right now. As soon as we settle in withing the next couple of months, I'll start the project up, and keep you up to date as to what's going on.

I haven't had any comments so I'm wondering if anyone is even reading this blog, so please drop me a line if you've happened to stumble on this blog. Also if anyone wants to contribute, please let me know and I could go ahead and create a login for you on this blog.


neilTea said...
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neilTea said...

Hi there, I'm Neil and have grown very fond of the xootr ex3, only problem is I don't have one! If there is anybody you may know of (or you yourself) that is selling their ex3, please count me in as your buyer. It would be perfect for my daily commuting needs as I really hate relying on disgusting, giant, petrol machines to get me to where I need to be. Ex3 would be just perfect for me!!
My contact - or
would love to hear from you, thanks! =)