Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Need to get my Ex3 back on the road again!

I have recently decided to start driving less, and start utilizing public transportation more, the only thing is that in order to take public transportation to work I have to drive about 2 miles to get to a BART station (The bay area's subway system), which means, I could drive to BART (not very efficient), walk there (healthy option, but this could get old quick), or..... EX3 there!

 I have decided that the most efficient way to get to BART would be to ride my Ex3 there, the ex3 is an amazing option because it's a quick way to get there, once I get to BART, the Ex3 folds up nicely and fits under the seat, you can't take Bikes on BART during commute hours because they take up too much space.

 The only thing is that my ex3 is in very bad shape right now, I haven't used the ex3 in probably 8 years, due to this fact. So here is the list of items I will need to fix on the ex3 to get it back on the road

1. Replace the batteries. I'm going to either try to rebuild the pack myself, or use one of the battery rebuilding services that are out there as I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm actually thinking about using a local shop like batteries plus , I'm leaning towards leaving this to the professionals, since you could really screw up your ex3 if you don't know what you're doing. On the other hand it would be a great learning experience to re-build the pack my self, and I'm sure I could get great advice from other ex3 owners in this regard.

 2. One of the Handle clamp screws sheared off in the lower handle assembly, I'm going to buy the handle clamp kit from xootr's website, and see if I could extract the broken neck clamp screw, but it's possible that I might have to buy a new lower handle assembly

3. I would like to replace some of the stripped out screws on the battery cover, and better way of securing the battery cover, and find a way to better seal the cover, so that dirt/water does not enter it as easily. Anyways, feel free to send your tips and suggestions as I start posting my progress Happy Xootring!


A64thProduction said...

Hi have you had any luck with the pack rebuild? I, too, want to rebuild the pack and make the compartment more water proof. Please let me know what you found.


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