Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Step 1, buy replacement parts from xootr

I am fully committed to getting my ex3 running now!

I just purchased the replacement parts that I will be needing to fix the handlebar clamp on my ex3

I bought the following:

1. Handle Clamp kit
2. Replacement Clamp Screws (just to have some extras)
3. And a replacement rear wheel , don't need to replace this yet, but thought I could not pass up on this deal. I can't believe they actually had this in stock, and for only $15! I would highly recommend that you go out and buy one as soon as you can, because they won't be around for ever, and you'll need to replace this eventually

All in all , my grand total was $41, not a bad deal at all!


Phantom said...

I'm so heartbroken that I sold my EX3. The batteries had been dead for years, and I was a freelancer in need of the money. But I actually undersold it (due to shipping). Now I have a full time job and could use it. I can't afford any alternatives like ugly GoPeds or the Yike Bike. I have a Segway but my employer won't allow it in the bike room nor parking lot. So I have to take the bus and kick home on my kick scooter. It truly sucks and now seeing how little it would've cost to repair makes my heart sink.

Unknown said...

I'm in need of a rare wheel for my Xootr Ex3. Any chance that you would be willing to sell me one?


Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in buying parts like the controller, throttle, charger, etc? I have an old ex3 that's been sitting in a closet for close to 10 years. I bumped it into a high curb and the front end got bent. Otherwise, the electronics are still good except for the batteries which are probably too old to hold a charge.

Here are some photos and a video with the throttle/regen. The battery only lasts about a minute after charging, otherwise the electronics are working normally.